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Can I send anything with you?

What is the maximum size and/or weight of each individual parcel ?

How to calculate the weight ?

How long will delivery take?

Where can I find the Regulatory requirements for my domestic shipments?

Can I send fragile items?


Can I tie parcels together?

Does my parcel need to be boxed ?

Do you supply packaging materials ?


How do I track my parcel?


Do you have a list of DOTZOT stores in various locations ?

Can I collect my parcel from your service centre?

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Does the recipient need to be available in person to receive the parcel?

Should the recipient sign for a parcel if it appears to be damaged ?

I have received a DOTZOT "Missed You" card with a parcel reference number / air way bill number on it what should I do next?

What if I have missed delivery?

What time will my delivery be made?